God’s Glory and My Good, Simultaneously

Jms. 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows,” (Jms. 1:17).

I like to word this verse like this: Every situation in my life is a good and perfect gift from the hand of my heavenly Father who loves me and has my very best ultimate good in mind at all times. He never changes in his love for me or his goal for me: that I bring glory to him by representing him in my world.

            Every. Situation. In. My. Life. That is how sovereign God truly is. He knows me inside and out. He designs the situations he wants me to face and he hands them to me in love, accompanied by the power to respond in ways that will glorify him.

            God’s agenda is always his glory. He is always after the promotion of his name, his glory. This is totally appropriate because he is Almighty God!! While he advances that agenda he never runs roughshod over his beloved children. He has formed and fashioned us in such a way that we are most satisfied and fulfilled when we bring him glory. It is GOOD for us when we glorify him.

            Therefore, when he designs situations for us to face he desires that they accomplish two things, (1) his glory, that he will get the recognition he deserves and (2) an outcome that is very beneficial for us. His glory and our good, simultaneously – that’s what God is always after.


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