Accept the Word

Jms. 1:21b “… humbly (with meekness) accept the word…”

            Surely a humble attitude, with meekness, presumes that I recognize my need for God’s word, also acknowledging my own inability to grasp all it offers merely by applying my innate human intelligence.

            The opposite of this would be a cocky self-assurance that I already know enough of it, or can decipher it sufficiently without the help of God’s Spirit. This would lead me to the perspective that “It’s just a book like any other.”

Perhaps a suspicious attitude would also be the opposite of humility and meekness; distrusting its truth or doubting its value for me. Even a partial acceptance (I like the Psalms and the New Testament, but the Old Testament is too bloody for me) would be the opposite of a humble, meek acceptance.

            Anything less than a teachable, obedient spirit that receives the truth and teaching of God’s word with gladness and admits the Scripture to be the supreme authority over my life is the polar opposite of “humbly (with meekness) accept the word.” I have certainly bloodied my nose plenty of times against various Biblical directives before I obeyed. I hope I have learned my lesson.

I have spoken with many followers of Jesus who were considering a significant decision, a changing course of action in their lives. Their answers were varied when I asked, “If you knew what God thought of that choice, would you obey him?”

They were woefully unaware that he had addressed their situation in his word. When it was made clear to them the rubber slapped the road: now that you know, will you humbly (with meekness) accept the word and obey God?


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