Jms. 3:18 “Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.”

A peacemaker promotes unity, “sets at one again.” Where disruption has occurred a peacemaker moves to bring people together, seeks to help them understand what went wrong, encourages them to lay aside their differences and come together again.

Things have gone terribly wrong between mankind and God. The universal rebellion of man disrupts the relationship that existed initially. A peacemaker is needed to communicate in a peaceful manner so the rebellious will listen and begin to understand what went wrong, to encourage them to lay aside their rebellion and come to God.

This kind of peacemaker, acting out of love for people and a desire to see them restored to God, will be empowered by God’s grace and will see a harvest. People will see the truth because God will give them faith and the peacemaker will be a tool in the hand of God for that purpose!

When a life is lived in the kind of wisdom of v. 17, that life affects the soil of the lives around it, increasing the possibility that the seeds of the truth of God’s Word will take root and produce fruit, righteousness. This person is used of God to affect lives for time and all eternity!

On many occasions I sow the truths of salvation. I hope it is done in peace. But there is not always a harvest that I am privileged to see. On rare occasions I have been privileged to see the harvest God brought and rejoicing has resulted. On other occasions I sow the truths of God’s Word into the lives of Christ followers, receptive and rebellious. That harvest is more difficult to identify but I trust God that his Word accomplishes the purpose for which he sends it forth, even through me, a frequently failing follower (Isa. 55:11).


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