God Is My Co-Pilot

A co-pilot is second in command of the aircraft; (s)he takes responsibility if the pilot is unable to perform those duties for a period of time. Many people are quite satisfied to have God be their co-pilot, referring to him only when things get out of their control (which is where things were all along, BTW).

Jms. 4:7a “Submit yourselves, therefore, to God.”

“Therefore” submit yourselves to God. The verses above give us ample reason to submit to God. Unsubmitted, we engage in fights and quarrels, desires battle within us. When we don’t get what we want we covet and can be found killing to get it (i.e. abortion for convenience). We pray with selfish motives and then our covetousness is enhanced because we still don’t get what we want. We are proud beings, pretty much unwilling to submit ourselves to anyone – convinced of our innate ability to handle things on our own and that (vss. 1-5) is the result.

Sometimes God reveals the foolishness of my presumptive I-can-do-it-without-God attitude merely by enlightening my thinking and enabling me to see my need of him and the wisdom of being submissive to the authority of the Almighty. But sometimes I require a real knock in the head before I wake up to see how ludicrous it was to think life could be handled with no forgiveness for my sinfulness and no guidance from God.

It’s more than mere guidance we need, however. When God is merely the co-pilot of a life, referred to for pointers now and then, that life is not submitted to him. When he tells us through James “Submit yourselves to me”, he’s letting us know that he occupies the throne! He is not the co-pilot. He pilots the life! He’s in the driver’s seat.

Life works the way it was meant to when I report for duty and say “Yes, Sir”, finding my directives in the pages of his written Word.


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