Second Causes

From early July through late October 2013 we Journeyed Through James together. Now for a few days my blogs will be less Bible Study and more experience, though interacting with God’s Word is always part of my experiences.


Sometimes Second Causes are difficult to see as gifts from the hand of my sovereign God. Awhile ago I was summoned (do you react in your gut to that word like I do?) for jury duty. The judicial system of my county presumed to interrupt my life and dictate how I would spend perhaps the next entire month! I responded with less grace to this situation than to almost any other situation in my recent life. I groused. I complained about the ridiculous answers people gave when questioned to see if they would be chosen to sit on the jury. I chafed at the wasted time. I am ashamed to say that I buried my head in my laptop and ignored the others around me, all of whom were equally interrupted and might have enjoyed a conversation. 

After several days of the jury selection process my number was called. I was told to sit “in the box” for questioning to determine whether I would serve as a juror. My occupation? Public Relations for a Bible camp. My husband’s occupation? Public Relations for a Bible camp. The occupations of my children? One is a missionary. Time dragged on until we were told to return again Monday morning when final jury selection would probably be accomplished. 

Over the weekend God did a number on me. I was reminded that it is HIS hand from which each and every assignment in my life comes (not the judicial system of my county). Wait a sec! Yes. I truly believe that! So in truth it was my Father with whom I was arguing. I lost a lot of peace for several days behaving as though He might have stepped out for lunch this time. 

When I returned to the jury box after the weekend the absolutely very first action that was taken was to dismiss me! By that time I was so willing to serve I was almost disappointed. It occurs to me that attorneys really miss it when they dismiss jurors who would be seeking wisdom from God during deliberation. But then, maybe they especially don’t want that kind of wisdom. I don’t know.


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