What is God’s lovingkindness? How does he demonstrate that attribute? I see it in all those near-misses on the road. (“Whew! Wow! That could’ve been really bad. Thank you, Lord!”) I see it his reminding me that something essential is needed before I leave the house. Any time (and they seem to be often times) that I say, “Father, you are so good to me. I didn’t deserve that!” Those are demonstrations of the amazing attribute of God’s lovingkindness.


One such incident happened one afternoon as I went to get an x-ray of my shoulder. I removed my necklace, placing it in the pocket of my slacks. As far as temporal possessions go, this necklace is my most-prized one. It is a combination of my engagement diamond, my 25th anniversary diamond and 2 diamonds that were first worn in my father’s ring and after his death in a pendant my mother wore. I wore that pendant for several years after she died until my husband decided to have all 4 diamonds redesigned into a new pendant. This necklace has sentimental value for me far beyond words.

When I got home the necklace was not in my pocket. Of course I searched high and low, turning my offending slacks inside out, checking the hems, etc. I retraced my steps since I had exited my car – nothing. I was very literally sick to my stomach. My husband suggested we return to the hospital and retrace my steps there. I was skeptical but what more did we have to lose? As we drove up to where I had been parked there it was winking in the sunshine. Evidently it had fallen out of my pocket when I got into the car. No one’s attention had been caught by it’s beautiful glistening. No one had driven over it or stepped on it or anything!

Receiving that necklace back was not vital to my life or my walk with God. It was a demonstration of my heavenly Father’s lovingkindness to his undeserving daughter. He preserved the eyes of others from noticing that necklace and encouraged our return trip. Ps. 138:2 says “I will… praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth…” I see loving-kindness as that which provides benefit for another going beyond what is vital or truly necessary. 


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