Pondering Proverbs

For several months I have been profoundly affected by the Spirit of God as I moved through the Proverbs, verse by verse. There are literally worlds of wisdom in these short phrases. The Spirit of God opened my eyes to greater understanding when I slowed down and sought to see.


There are many challenges regarding our words. They are important. They nurture. They wound. They provide cheer. They slice. They need to be kept under control, which is completely impossible for me to accomplish. I need the enabling power of God’s grace to control my tongue. “When words are many, sin is not absent,” (10:19). 

I was made more aware of the needy. Their need may be monetary or it may be for connection, friendship, supportive interaction, a simple friendly greeting. I am challenged to get out of my routine and seek to meet needs. 

I am struck with the hopeless condition of the genuine fool. God knows who falls into this category, I most certainly do not know. But wisdom tells us in the proverbs that this person rejects understanding and enlightenment so completely that he is doomed eternally. We are told not to waste our time attempting to communicate truth to him. Yet we don’t know who he is… 

I am reprimanded within the proverbs for how wise I am in my own eyes. Several phrases remind me that my wisdom is insufficient. True wisdom only comes from Almighty God. I must appeal to Him if I would make wise choices. 

Within the proverbs wisdom teaches discipline. I must apply it in my life consistently if I am to mature appropriately. I must apply it wisely to my children while they are young if they are to mature appropriately and come to the realization that they are not the center of the universe. Then I have reason to hope they will one day respond to the authority of Almighty God over their lives.


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