Songs have always been very important to me. Many significant change-points in my life came through a phrase in a song. My commitments are often cemented by a song. My joy is usually expressed in song. I’ve only written one song and one chorus but I certainly appreciate the writing ability of others.

Many years ago there were two teenage girls who sang together at the Christian camp where I work. They had a beautiful blend. One wrote songs, played guitar and sang harmony. The other sang melody. The beginning lines of “Here’s My Life” has stuck with me and continues to be the prayer on my lips quite often.

“Here’s my life, dear Lord, please take it and let it be used of Yourself to honor and glorify Thee. I can’t make it by myself, hard as I try. Lord, I need Your help ‘cause I want to live right.”

Sometimes I substitute “day” for “life” as I lift my day up to God, asking Him to make of it whatever pleases Him and brings Him glory.

Maybe you remember Becky and Midge? “Two Sent?”


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