What is it about long-time friendships that makes them so precious? The roots go deep. For one thing you feel known and loved for who you really are because they really do know you after all this time. The deep satisfaction of reminiscing about fun, funny, meaningful shared experiences from decades past can’t be compared with any other exchanges.

When our ministry celebrated its 50th anniversary a few weeks ago some of those long-time friends showed up, having traversed hundreds, some of them thousands of miles to be there. The fellowship was su-weeet!

We decided we couldn’t wait long to see some of them again so we made a trip after just 6 weeks. Again, the richness of the conversations was striking. We talked about things that matter to each of us.

One of the most unique and delightful experiences was being hosted by the bachelor son of friends! He insisted that we stay with him and we are so glad we did. He’s a wonderful young man and we never would have known him as well if we hadn’t accepted his invitation. We feel like grandparents to him and are very excited that he is writing a novel (a series, actually) that he thinks could be published before the end of the year.

Another highlight of our trip was spending time with our collegiate grandson, a freshman. It was good to see with our own eyes that he is thriving in that environment.

God is good and long-time friends are irreplaceable!


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