Before zombie movies we never thought much about being dead. Do you remember being dead? Some people were dramatically deathly in their behaviors and they remember it quite clearly. Maybe you don’t remember it, but do you believe you were dead? God says we were dead until he made us alive (Colossians 2:13).

I don’t remember being very deathly. But I have been given the gift of saving faith and with it came deep confidence in the truth of what God says in the scriptures. Therefore, though I don’t remember being dead I sincerely believe that I was dead in my sins. There was a written code that proclaimed the fact of my sinfulness and the necessity that I be proclaimed guilty and suffer the consequence of eternal death.

God took that code, wrote “paid” across it and nailed it to the cross as Jesus Christ died there. On that cross he suffered the wrath of his father against sin and went to the grave in my place.

His resurrection made a spectacle of the powers and authorities that would condemn me to hell. He triumphed over them by the cross.

By giving me the faith to believe that was for me, God made me alive; he gave me spiritual life. The prize of eternal life now is mine! It can be yours. Want to talk about it?

(Scripture: Colossians 2:13-18)


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