Do you ever get in trouble for being insensitive? I tend to forget that other people feel differently about things than I do, so I bumble around and do things they wish I wouldn’t do. I would like to have better sonar or radar or whatever would help me recognize danger ahead.

Can you guess what I have instead? A husband who is very different from me and who recognizes how something I’m doing might be perceived differently than I intend. What a gift he is to me!!

I know he has been on the receiving end of many of my social blunders but in addition to seeing things I don’t see he also has a positive attribution bias toward me and extends great grace, seldom allowing himself to be hurt or to become annoyed at me over something he knows I didn’t intend.

When I submit something to him for review (an idea, a project, a piece of writing) and he is unresponsive after considering it I know I’d better listen up when I pull a response out of him. I may not like it at first but his warnings of potential danger ahead have saved me many times. 

I hope I’m developing more sensitivity by living with him and observing the ways he differs from me. Too often I think he’s just wrong rather than realizing the value of his sensitivity.

God knew what he was doing in giving this man to me for life. Maybe I’d better pay more attention.


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