Courage has many faces. Last night it had the sweet face of a young woman who stood before the women of the church attending her bridal shower and acknowledged that she and her boyfriend had been sexually active and she is now pregnant.

She said that they had repented and made a firm commitment to wait for further sex until marriage. Two weeks later they discovered the pregnancy. She knows she is forgiven by God; she asked their forgiveness as well.

What she did required courage. She didn’t know how they would react. By the grace of God the general response is love and acceptance, appreciation for her honesty and the privilege of knowing that her heart is right with God.

She is not blithe or careless about her sin. She is sad to have disobeyed the God she dearly loves. She is deeply appreciative of the grace he bestows to forgive and give strength to obey.

We will now go forward with an honest celebration, rather than whispered rumors and counting-back of months when the baby is born in June. This courageous young woman holds her head high because she is a forgiven frequently failing follower of Jesus, just like me.


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