Interruptions are irritating, aren’t they? Maybe you handle them well but I tend to resent being redirected when I have a plan. My plan is a good one. I want to implement it. I was knocked upside the head awhile ago when this little phrase crossed my path, “Interruptions are God’s notice of his plan for our day.” Uh, oh. I need an attitude adjustment! 

Yesterday I mapped out my morning in such a way that I would be on time for my hair appointment at 11:30. When I got there my stylist was nowhere to be found. She doesn’t work on Wednesdays. But… We checked her appointment book and mea culpa, my appointment is for today. Thankfully today works. 

I began the 30 mile drive back home and then recalled that my husband was having lunch right across the street from my beauty salon with a wonderful Chinese missionary. I inserted myself into their lunch and had a wonderful time! 

After lunch as my husband was driving home with a pickup full of firewood he received a call from a friend needing a pickup to transport foosball tables he’d found at a good price. My husband said he didn’t think there was room for his tables. “Oh, yeah,” he was told. “They’ll fit on top.” The 35 mile drive to the friend’s location was made only to discover the accuracy of my husband’s words. The tables did not fit. But the connection resulted in valuable conversation between the two. 

As we conversed at dinner I mentioned how odd it was that both of us had made unnecessary trips that day. “Maybe not unnecessary at all,” my husband said. “You enjoyed hearing about the ministry in China at lunch and I think I was able to encourage our friend when I met up with him.”

Interruptions, even unplanned, “unnecessary” trips (and appointments mistakenly made for the wrong day) are all God’s notice of his plan for our day.


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