I just received word from a friend, “I’m afraid I haven’t been faithful in my time in the word. It’s a recurrent issue for me.” Consistent reading of the scriptures is not something that comes naturally to us human creatures. Why do we do it? Do we understand the reasons?

The greatest motivating reason for me: lies. They come at me from all directions, all the time. The media feeds lies in beautifully wrapped packages of sitcoms, advertisement, news releases, movies, music and books. People lie to me for their own purposes. Stores lie about their products. I lie to myself on a regular basis regarding the importance of what goes into my mouth and the words that come out of it, as well as other (significantly unacceptable) behaviors that I dismiss as minor and important points of obedience to God that I ignore. Lies bombard me like incoming missiles. This is this war!

Those who love, trust and follow Jesus as the Lord and Master of life recognize the scripture as Truth. We need truth! Truth is our defense. I need consistent exposure to God’s truth in the scriptures in order to keep my head on straight and my spirit in tune, in order to recognize deceit when it comes at me (or from within me), in order to access the power of God’s grace that he promises me within those pages, so I can resist and combat the lies. 

Spending consistent, daily time alone with God in his written Word is a battle for all of us – that’s because we are engaged in spiritual warfare and our enemies (the world system around us, our own selves and Satan) all join forces to defeat our attempts to be consistently alone with God. Our enemies know the value of truth to defend against their lies. We need to be as convinced as they.

I do not spend time alone with God every day because I have to. I am needy for it, desperate for communion with him, needing more of his truth and the revelation of who he is and who he desires to be to me and through me. I ask him to continue giving me the awareness of that deep need.

Yes, “It’s a recurrent issue” for all of us – every single day!


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