Psalm 1

Those who refuse to do life with those who are actively wicked

are made deeply happy by God’s special favor and grace.

This blessed person neither moves forward,

hangs out, nor settles down

with those who scorn and scoff at God.

He shuns the bad advice of wicked people.

He draws the greatest gratification and satisfaction

from meditating, murmuring in pleasure,

in the pages of God’s Word – and not only in the morning.

He desires to do what God requires in his Word.

God makes him to be like a tree he transplants

beside streams of water,

which yields fruit at the appropriate time.

There is no disgrace attached to him;

he is a successful person.

     The actively ungodly are unstable,

     more like the husk on a grain of wheat

     than a flourishing tree.

     A puff of wind blows them away.

     They will appear before God for judgment

     and fall at his verdict

     because they travel the road called “destruction.”

Those to whom God gives the righteousness of Jesus

do not perish like the wicked

because God keeps watch over the road they travel.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


2 thoughts on “Psalm 1

    • Thank you, Phyllis. Your comments are always insightful and oh, so encouraging!! I am LOVING researching the original language as I meditate on the Psalms. I believe I will write out what I’m learning and continue to post them as I did with Psalm 1. Please let me know what you think. You are a rich blessing to me!


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