Psalm 2

The world’s authority figures, along with the common man,

make intricate plans to demonstrate their rebellion against God

and against those he puts in authority.

Their mantra is, “You can’t tell us what to do!”

            From his heavenly throne God scorns them as fools;

            he holds them in contempt.

            Breathing forth his wrath against them and terrifying them

            he says, “I am in control and I have chosen who rules over you.

            When I established David on the throne of Israel

            I identified him as my son and gave him the surrounding nations

            as his inheritance, the entire earth as his possession.”

Kings and peoples of the earth, wise up!


God’s hatred for sin can flare up in a moment.

You have been warned to serve Jehovah with deep reverence.

Treasure him, rejoice in him

and avert his destroying fury.

            Those who confide in God and trust him for protection

            receive his special favor and grace

            to make them deeply happy.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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