Psalm 3

Oh, Jehovah, the self-existent one,

my enemies are determined to confine me,

hold me back and push me into a tight place.

The culture of the world around me,

my own depraved fleshly desires and Satan himself

all rise up against me.

They are saying you will not free me.

            When I pause and reflect I remember

            you are my protector and my very reputation.

            I cry aloud, beseeching you for deliverance,

            and you attend to me, lifting my fearful head.

I can lie down and sleep in peace,

awakening after a restful night

because you hold me up and let me lean on you.

I refuse to indulge the thousands of fearful thoughts surrounding me,

thoughts of what could happen to me or to those I love.         

            Oh, Adonai, the great I Am,

            rise up against my enemies, including the fears of my flesh!

            Deliver me, free me, my supreme Triune God!

Punish my enemies right in the face,

Defang them and render them harmless.

You are the one who gives freedom

from bondage to sin and bondage to fear.

            May your benediction of peace be upon me, as on all your people.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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