Psalm 4

Let me know you hear me when I call to you for help,

O Triune God, who can be trusted to act in righteousness.

You have enlarged my space when my enemies were determined

to press me into a tight place and keep me there.

In mercy you treat me opposite of what I deserve.

I know you hear me.

            O people! How long will you continue to dishonor God, the creator of all,

            by dealing in deceit and loving emptiness 

           as you pursue gods that are no gods?

Know this:

Jehovah has chosen to separate some for covenant relationship with himself.

He hears when I cry out to him for help.

            Don’t let your fear and anger lead you astray.

            At the end of the day, when you lie down to rest,

            pause and reflect; challenge your fearful, angry thoughts.

            Lift up to God a fitting heart-attitude of worship and trust him.

            Then you can rest in peace.

Many people ask, “Who will give us something good to cheer us up?”

O Jehovah, let your loving smile be seen; show them you are the All-Good.

            You fill me with more joy 

             than any temporal circumstance would ever provide.

            You alone deliver me from fear, agitation and anger.

            You keep me safe from the harm they could cause my spirit.

            Only because of you I am able to lie down and sleep in peace.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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