Psalm 5

O Lord, the King of my life and my Triune God,

I know you hear my words and attend to my sighs

when I can’t express my need in words.

You listen when I cry for help.

You are the only One from whom I seek the help I need.

I cannot get far into my day before my abject need becomes apparent

and I cry out to you, waiting expectantly for your help.

            Other gods who are no gods take pleasure in immorality.         

            Unlike them, O mighty God, you hate immorality!

            Those who are evil, deceivers and proud,

            refusing to acknowledge need of you,

            are cast out of your presence and destroyed.

In contrast, you bring me into your presence to worship you,

not because of any merit within me,

purely because of your great mercy toward me.

You withhold the condemnation I deserve due to my sinfulness.

In reverential fear and appropriate humility I bow down before you.

            O Great I Am,

            please provide the guidance I so desperately need in order to do right.

            I am battling my enemies, the culture of my day,

            my own sinful self and desires,

            and Satan himself.

            Show me how to prevail against them;

            help me to walk straight in the righteousness you provide for me.

My enemies are deceitful, aligned against truth in every message they send me.

They come against you, Elohim, the supreme Triune God,

and against the relationship between you and me.

Let them bear the full consequence of their guilt.

            Great joy and gladness are experienced

            by all who take their refuge in you,

            loving your name and your character,

            because you spread your protection over us.

            The blessings of your grace surround us

            to whom you give your righteousness.

            We are shielded.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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