Psalm 6

O Adonai, the great I Am,

please do not breathe out angry condemnation or discipline over me,

because of your hatred for my sin.

I am weak and vulnerable;

please be merciful, not treating me as I deserve.

My very substance is trembling in anguish;

I am out of my mind in the midst of these troubles.

How long must I go on like this?

          I feel as though you have turned away.

          Please turn back to me and deliver me from this anguish;

          equip me, give me your strength to battle my enemies.

          Because of your loyal covenant love,

          open up my space again and free me from the confines

          into which my enemies press me.

          If they have their way, I will die

          and no one worships you from the grave.

I am exhausted with sorrow.

My rest is disturbed

because every night my pillow is drenched with my tears.

My grief is written all over my face.

          The Lord, the master of all, has heard me.

          Now all you my enemies will have to leave me alone!

          You will be disappointed in your attempts to confine and conquer me.

          You will be put to shame!

          All this is because the great I AM

          has responded to my weeping and my cry for mercy.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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