Psalm 7

If I were ever brought into court and accused of something I didn’t do I would be very glad to know the judge was righteous and trustworthy.

O Yahweh, my God, to you I flee for protection and hope. Deliver me out of the tight place into which my enemies press me. They will rip me to pieces unless I am rescued.

The charges against me are false, Lord! If they were true I would say turn me over to my accusers; let them ruin my reputation and kill me.

Rise up, O Lord! Breathe out your righteous anger against the unfounded rage of my enemies. O Judge of all the earth, in my integrity I appeal my case to you and your court, pleading my innocence.

O righteous God, you know the truth; you search minds and hearts. Please put an end to this. Because I am innocent of these charges let me rest secure in your righteousness.

The Triune God is my protection! He saves those whose hearts he has made upright. Elohim fulfills the expectations of a lawful judge. His righteous wrath against sin is poured forth continually. If a man keeps on sinning, refusing to repent, the evil he plans will come down on his own head. That’s when sin becomes its own reward.

Because I am deeply grateful for the gift of God’s righteousness which makes me righteous in his eyes and empowers me to meet his expectations for relationship, I joyfully commit my life, my whole personality to God, the Great I AM. I will praise aloud and sing in recognition of the character of the Lord Most High.

(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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