Psalm 9

I am determined to have an undivided heart, wholly yours, to be thankful and to tell you so. I will proclaim to others the wonderful things you do!

I choose to be glad and to rejoice in you and in my relationship with you. My gladness will break forth in songs praising not only what you accomplish on my behalf but also your character, God Most High.

Since you provide my righteousness and appoint my cause, I know my enemies (the world culture surrounding me, my own self-absorbed fleshly desires and the devil) will stumble and perish before the righteous judgment coming from your throne.

You rebuke the heathen nations, destroying the wicked, uprooting their cities and blotting out the memory of their name forever and ever. Jehovah, you reign forever! Fair and right is your judgment of the world, governing the people with justice.

The crushed and oppressed find safety in you, Yahweh. When we know your character we trust you because you never abandon or give up on the one you choose to pursue you for worship.

Oh Lord, I deserve to perish beneath the attacks of my enemies but please have mercy and rescue me so I can celebrate you in songs of praise! I will boldly proclaim your work in my life. I know you never forget or ignore the cry of the depressed in mind or circumstance.

O Eternal Triune God, stoop to bestow favor on me and lift me up. Enable me to praise you aloud, rejoicing as I tell others how you save me.

The Lord Jehovah has revealed himself, accomplishing just judgment against the nations. He causes them to be caught in their own snares. All those who forget God will be turned over to hell.

It is impossible to drain dry the reservoir of hope for those who are depressed in mind or circumstance because God is always mindful of those in need.

Rise up, O Lord! Put the fear of you into the nations; let them see they are mere men who will never prevail eternally.

(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)

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