Psalm 10

O Jehovah, why do you take your stand at a far distance from me, concealing yourself when I am suffering?

The wicked arrogantly persecute those who are depressed in mind or circumstance. Let their own schemes be their ruin.They foolishly rave about what they want. They are greedy for gain as they curse and spurn you, making no room for you in their hearts or minds. They dance around in their perceived prosperity, sneering at their enemies, completely disregarding your laws.

The wicked think they are invincible. They say, “I will never be shaken or have any trouble in my life. I will always be happy!” Their mouths spew forth curses and harmful schemes against the defenseless, ambushing, murdering, crushing them. They think you are oblivious to their behavior. They convince  themselves you will never make them pay for rejecting you.

Arise, Almighty God! Please demonstrate your power on my behalf. Don’t forget those whose circumstances press them down. Not merely seeing my misery and trouble; you are in control of it! I am defenseless; I commit myself to you, my Protector! Smash the power of the wicked! Make him pay for his secret evil he thinks you don’t see.

Jehovah you are King forever! The rebellious masses are destroyed from your earth. You are attentive to the longing of those crushed by their circumstances. You strengthen them to stand tall. You advocate for the bereaved and crushed, so mere man no longer terrifies them.

(Personalized from the original Hebrew)


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