Psalm 14

“There is no covenant God.” These are the words of fools

doubting the existence of a God who loves and care for individuals.

These people are morally corrupt,

perhaps considered highly intelligent by their peers

but oblivious to the true nature of reality.

They destroy; their behavior is detestable.

Not one thing they ever do will be called good by God.

            From heaven the Lord gazes upon mankind

            to reveal if any are wise enough to seek him.

            He sees every single person in rebellion against him and morally filthy.

            No one who denies God ever accomplishes anything of eternal value.

            They never do anything God labels as good.

            They have no comprehension of judgment coming upon them

            for rejecting God and feeding on his people.

            Because the covenant God is within those he has made righteous

            he will throw their tormentors into sudden terror.

            They move to disappoint the plans

            of those who are depressed in mind or circumstances

            but Almighty Jehovah is the refuge of those people!

There will be great rejoicing and gladness

when Almighty God delivers his people and restores their prosperity.

I long for that day!

Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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