Psalm 15

O Great I AM, who may approach you in your holiness?

Who may enter the holy place of God?

            There are moral requirements.

            One must behave with integrity,

            do what is right and speak honestly from his heart.

            There must be no gossip, slander or back-biting crossing his tongue.

            He must cause no harm or shame to the people around him.

The person who wants to be close to God

scorns those who are morally despicable

but shows great respect for those who revere Jehovah.

He fulfills his promises, even if fulfillment costs him dearly.

He does not lend money at interest

and would never be manipulated into hurting an innocent person.

            He who behaves in this way will stand strong;

            he will never be carried off course.

I have no power within me consistently to behave this way.

Thank you for your faithful forgiving love

and your grace which empowers my obedience.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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