Psalm 16

            O Jehovah God, keep your protective hedge in place all around me. It is only you I trust for protection. There is absolutely no one and nothing I treasure more than you, my master, my sovereign. I call nothing “good” which has nothing to do with you. I delight in those you have set apart for yourself.

            Increasing sorrows heap up for those who treasure anyone or anything more than you. I will invest my life in you, nothing and no one else but you.

            Lord, you have made yourself my inheritance. You hold me together and you hold me up as you put me in the place precisely prepared for me. I am secure knowing you make my assignments. In you I inherit a delightful life and all eternity as well!

            I adore Jehovah who guides me. Even in sleeplessness of the night, from my innermost being he teaches me. I yield to the Lord who is always calling me forward and remaining right by my side to keep me from being carried off course.

            Therefore, joy rises from the very center of my being and even my flesh rests secure, knowing you have assigned my time of death. When my death comes it will not be due to your abandonment any more than you abandoned Christ to die. You will raise me up to be with you, just as Christ arose from the grave.

            You cause me clearly to see the way leading to true life. Being close to you fills me with joy and will give me pleasure for all eternity.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


4 thoughts on “Psalm 16

  1. Heip–in going to your blog I am unable to get any of your previous Psalms. I was hoping to review your past Psalms and reread them from time to time as well as to read those I had missed. Also your blog face page is different.

    Your problem child.



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