Psalm 17

            O Lord, attend to my sad cry. I am innocent of the charges leveled against me. Heed this prayer coming from honest lips. Let your ears hear my cry for help; let your eyes see the truth of my innocence. Please speak forth a righteous verdict for me.

            Though you examine me inside and out and investigate me in daylight and dark you will find no guilt in the charges against me. I am determined not to sin with my words.

            By the work of your grace within me I have obeyed your Word and have been kept from the behaviors of the violent. My feet do not slip as I proceed with integrity.

            I take refuge in you alone. I cry out for help knowing you will respond. Please demonstrate your love and power on my behalf. I am so vulnerable, Lord. Please put your hedge of protection around me, cover and defend me from my deadly enemies: the world culture, my own self-absorption and Satan himself. They are circling for the kill, full of confidence that they will eventually conquer me and annul my relationship with you. They are without pity or compassion.

            Do what you do, Lord! Face my enemies and bring them down. Deliver me from the traps set for me by those have no eternal future with you.

            Because you have justified me I know I will awake in your presence when I leave this life. I will have great pleasure and be fully satisfied with the privilege of gazing into your face.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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