Psalm 18:1-15

I am personally devoted to you, O Lord.

You are the strength of my heart and my life.

You are my solid foundation and the fortress in which I live.

You have protected me and delivered me from my enemies

when I flew to you for safety.

I took hold of you and I was delivered.

            The Lord Jehovah is worthy of all my praise.

            In him I am safe from the pressures of the world culture around me

            and from my own self-absorption which would lead me astray.

            I am even safe from the attacks of Satan.

I was surrounded and overwhelmed by death and destruction,

pushed down into a tight place.

I cried out to Almighty Jehovah, begging for help from my God.

My cry reached him and he attended to my need.

            When God rises up to protect and vindicate his chosen ones,

            the very earth responds like the eruption of a volcano.

            He breathes out smoke and consuming fire flames forth from him.

            Making the darkness cover him,

            he descends from heaven riding on heavenly creatures.

Hail and lightning accompany him as he thunders from heaven!

He shouts and dispatches his arrows to rout the enemies and destroy them.

The sea roils until its valleys are revealed.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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