Psalm 18:16-29

Personally, God reached down and grabbed hold of me,

saving me from drowning in the attacks of my enemies

who are far too powerful for me.

They had me cornered but God released me to a spacious place.

The Lord was my strength in the day of my calamity.

            Simply because he chooses to love me, Jehovah rescues me

            and gives me a heart to obey him.

            He keeps me moving toward him and away from sinful rebellion.

            He deals with me according to the righteousness he has given me

            And then rewards me for living in the righteousness he gives!

You reveal yourself to be faithful, pure and blameless on our behalf

and then you make your loved ones to be faithful, pure and blameless;;

but you make the wicked wrestle with you.

You humble those who proudly refuse to acknowledge need of you.

The enjoyment of your salvation is for those who recognize

how needy they are for your deliverance.

            You are the one who lights my way, turning darkness to light.

            You provide sufficient strength for me to accomplish

            anything you call me to do.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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