Psalm 18:30-50

The way of the Almighty is perfect in honesty and integrity.

When he speaks, he speaks truth!

He protects all who make him their refuge.

Who is a strong God but Jehovah? Who is a solid foundation but him?

He makes me strong to travel the course of life he has perfected for me.

He makes me surefooted to stand firmly

and worship him wherever he places me.

He makes me strong to stand against the attacks of my enemies,

the world, myself and Satan.

He even sees to the details, protecting me from anything

that would hinder my walk with him.

He stoops down to give me the sustaining protection of his salvation;

my enemies can never affect that!

            Any victory I experience in resisting my enemies

            is strictly due to the action of your strong power and work within me.

            Apart from you I can do nothing.

            I am confident that my enemies will be completely destroyed

            because you give me strength to resist and subdue them.

            You are the one who breaks them down and delivers me.

Any influence or authority I possess come as a gift from you, my God,

for the purpose of directing attention back to you.

            You are alive and fresh and strong! I praise you, my solid rock.

            I want my life to lift you high so you are praised by those who know me.

            You take care of the pay-back due those who hurt me.

            You rescue me and make me ultimately victorious.

I am deeply grateful that you include Gentiles in your kingdom

allowing us to participate in your praise.

You give the ultimate victory to your Chosen One, the Messiah,

and thus to me a spiritual descendant of David, because of Christ.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


2 thoughts on “Psalm 18:30-50

  1. Your blog is much more inviting. And you could use other ideas as you wish. The caption interacting with God’s word and his world. Should his be capitalized? Of course the content is excellent. Keep it up.



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