Psalm 19:7-14

The assignments God gives to our lives 

are the perfect ones to result in deep joy.                          

What God commands in his Word is devoid of harshness,

purely designed to illuminate our lives. 

            Fear of God is a pure reverence

            which includes terror of his abhorrence for sin.                       

            Approaching him this way will make me stand strong forever.

The divine laws of God set forth in the Scriptures are faithful judgments.

They enable me to be right before God, as his grace enables me to obey. 

            What God lays out for me in his Word 

            is more precious to me than earthly wealth,

            sweeter to me than any delectable morsel of food.

            It teaches me about redemption and warns me about condemnation.

            God gives me a heart to obey and the strength to follow through, 

            and then rewards me as well!

I am unaware, blind to so much of my consistent, daily sin.

Thank you, Father, that even those are covered in Christ’s, “It is finished,”

applied to me by the faith you give.

            Make me increasingly insightful regarding my sin.

            Protect me from arrogance,

            persisting in willful, besetting sins until they exercise power over me.

            Thank you for continuing your work in me, keeping me from rebellion.

May you, O Lord, my solid foundation

and the One who has purchased back my soul from condemnation,

be delighted with what goes in and what comes out of my mouth,

as well as the murmurings deep within me that reveal themselves in my words.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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