Psalm 20

May the Lord respond to you in your troubled time.

May his character protect you from the attacks of your enemies,

the pressure of this world’s culture,

your own self-absorption and Satan himself.

Because God knows you love him and are committed to him

he helps your hurting heart, holds you up and gives you peace

as he implements the success of your heartfelt desires and plans.

When you are delivered from this distress

we will join you in shouts of joy and praise to your Deliverer.

            Right now, today, I know Jehovah protects and defends his own,

            as if I am seeing with my own eyes;

            he answers with the mighty deliverance of his strong hand.

            To attain swift victory in a situation like this

            some would trust tried and true methods

            but I intend to continue trusting the character of my God.

            He will cause me to rise up and stand firm.

O Lord, thank you for responding when I cry out to you!

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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