Psalm 21

O Jehovah, were it not for the strength you give

I would never experience victory over my enemies,

my own self-absorption,

the pressures of this world culture and Satan himself.

I rejoice that you respond to the desire of my heart

giving me the deliverance I need.

Sometimes I don’t even recognize my need for help

and yet you hedge me about with your protection!

You pour over me the abundant blessings of your grace

as you secure my redemption

and my new life in you that lasts forever.

People may praise me

but you deserve all the glory for my victories.

My sinful choices and behaviors are fully my own responsibility

but any time I am victorious over sin

it is because you intervene and give me empowering grace.

All the glory belongs to you;

anything beautiful or honorable about me is because of you.

            You make my heart glad just to be close to you,                            

            with all barriers removed.

            I know I will never fall away from you

            because you hold me fast in your steadfast love.                      

            Thank you for the gift of this deep trust in you. 

Those who refuse to love and trust you                                          

will be seized in your powerful hand.                                        

When they see you they will be consumed                                       

in your fiery abhorrence for sin.                                                    

You will completely blot out their name and their memory.      

While they live they plot evil but you will thwart their plans.    

They will flee in fear when you come against them.                    

Lord, please deal with my enemies in this manner. 

            I am deeply grateful for your empowering grace                        

            and I want my very life to lift you high                                          

            for recognition and praise.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew.


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