Psalm 22:19-31

Perspective is everything, right?

Self-absorption leads me to think “God’s not coming through FOR ME.”

           You are not distant from me after all.

            When your time is perfect you will rescue and deliver me.

            In the meantime you, yourself, are my strength. 

            I will celebrate your character aloud to your people,

            encouraging all to praise, honor and revere you.

Far from scorning or ignoring the anguish of those in distress,

you are attentive to our cries for help.

You give me abundant reason to praise you

as I talk with others who know, love and revere you.

You provide what is needed

for those depressed in mind or circumstance.

You draw them to seek you and praise you

and when they do you give them eternal life.

            Jehovah, there is coming a day

            when everyone on earth will recognize you,

            and bend the knee to you.

            Not only Israel but everyone will bow before you.

Jehovah is the only true King,

ruling over all nations everywhere.

Every living being, rich and poor,

having no control over life and death,

will kneel before him and proclaim his righteousness to their posterity.

Jehovah himself has brought this about.

(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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