Psalm 23

A well-loved chapter in the Bible, Psalm 23 provides great comfort for those who are shepherded by Jehovah. It came alive anew as I researched it in the original Hebrew.


            Jehovah shepherds me,

            protecting and providing for me so I lack nothing I need.

            It is pleasant to fall into him and rest.

            He leads me to safety and satisfies me.

            I am a sheep, needy for his care and he gives it.

            He brings my soul home to himself.

            Why does he bless me like this?

            It is to demonstrate his character for all to see.

Though I now live with the daily prospect of death

it does not frighten me.

I am comforted because you will guide me

all the way through death

and protect me from evil in it.

You nourish me with a victory banquet in the face of my enemies.

You satisfy me with your overflowing, extravagant grace.

            Certainly I will be surrounded

            by your kindness and your loyal covenant love

            every day of my earth-life

            and afterward be restored to my Maker forever.


(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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