Psalm 24

The One I worship is the Creator, the holy God, a Warrior-King victorious over my enemies! 

            Upon the seas and rivers

            the Lord God has founded the world.

            He established everything in it

            and all who live on this globe.

            It is all his by right of Creation.

Who is allowed to stand in the presence of God?

The one whose actions are right, arising from pure motives,

who does not exchange his soul for futility

or make promises he has no intention of keeping.

I can only be this person as the grace of God flows over me

and the righteousness of God envelopes me – and they do. They do!

With irresistible grace he draws me to follow him

and then blesses me as I pursue him.

            My powerful Warrior-King is victorious over my enemies.

            On my behalf he vanquishes

            The world culture around me

            which would press me into its mold,

            my own self-absorption and the influences of my past,

            and Satan, himself.

            Because my King conquers my enemies

            he carries me with him as he rides victorious

            through the gates of heaven!

(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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