Psalm 25:1-11

I love that God not only redeems and forgives but also enlightens and leads!


    Oh Jehovah, I cast my soul on you;

    I place my complete confidence in you.

    Those who are unfaithful will behave shamefully.

    Thank you for binding me to you

    and protecting me from my enemies

    to keep me from behaving shamefully.

Give me comprehension and respect

for the path you lay out before me;

discipline me to walk that path.

Bend my will to make me stable in trusting your faithfulness

for you are my Delivering God

and I am bound to you every moment of every day.

    Because you are ultimate good,

    you have marked me to be the object of your compassion

    and your kindness from eternity past.

    You keep no record of my past sins

    nor of the rebellious behaviors that continue today.

    You choose to deal with me according to your love for me. 

Jehovah is fair and just.

Knowing full well that I am sinful

he instructs me as I walk in the path he has prepared for me.

When I am clueless he disciplines me to do right

and teaches me more of what he wants for me.

He always overflows with kindness and faithfulness.

Christ has met all the demands of the law on my behalf

to present me to God as a faithful covenant-keeper. 

    Because of your character, O Lord,

    forgive my continued perversity.

(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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