Psalm 25:12-22

We all face situations that require greater wisdom than we possess. Do you know where to get the needed direction?

            When one stands in appropriate, reverent awe of God

            he will be directed in the way God has chosen for him.

            He and his offspring with that same approach to God

            will have pleasantness in their lives.

            Those who revere Jehovah enjoy intimacy with him

            as he reveals his covenant to them.

            I look to the Lord for help; only he can deliver me.

O Lord, let me see your face and experience your grace.

I am desolate in my misery. Troubles pile on with adversity.

Take heed and give your attention to my distress.

The life is being squeezed out of me.

Break me out of this confinement and cast away my sin.

My adversaries abhor me and it seems they are multiplying.

            O Lord, you are my only hope!

            Pluck me out and protect me from shameful behavior

            in the midst of my troubles.

            Wrap around me your integrity and righteousness

            to protect me from shame.

            I know you eventually will deliver your people from all trouble, O God. 

(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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