Psalm 26

I am not attempting to rewrite holy writ. As I research the original language in which the Psalms were written some definitions resonate with my heart and my experience. I make note of those things.

            May it be you, O Jehovah, who passes judgment on me

            since you know I am innocent of the charges against me.

            My confidence in your omniscience will never waver.

            As you examine my heart I know you will see accurately       

            the gift you have given me: a consistent walk in your truth. 

            Your loyal covenant love keeps me firm,

            strong to resist the company of those who resist you.

            You have made my hands clean.

I can come into your presence gratefully proclaiming

the wondrous work of transformation you are accomplishing in me.

I know you will never condemn me along with those who reject you

because you have redeemed me in your mercy.

Because of Jesus you see me as blameless!

It is my greatest joy to live in your presence

and praise you for enabling me to stand on solid ground.

 (Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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