Psalm 27:1-6

David faced enemies with spears in their hands and murder on their minds. I face spiritual enemies that make every attempt to interfere and ruin my relationship with God, they are: the world culture around me that wants to press me into its mold, my own history and self-absorbed desires, and Satan himself.

            The Lord is the illumination of my life

            enabling me to comprehend my deliverance

            from darkness and fear.

            I need fear nothing

            Because I am privileged to live

            in the unassailable fortress that is my God.

Though there be wars and attacks from my enemies

I refuse to live in fear.

I am completely confident that the Strength of my life,

Jehovah, will conquer the world’s culture

that presses me into its mold

and my own fleshly desires that would draw me away from him. He will overthrow Satan himself!

            The highest priority of my heart is to be close to God.

            I pursue him with everything in me

            in order to contemplate his grace

            and commune intimately with him.

I know God will keep my heart and soul safe

when the inevitable troubles come,

sheltering me in his presence and helping me stand firm

on solid ground high above the conflicts.

I can’t help but be excited and enthusiastic

as I thank and praise him for his wonderful watch-care over me!

(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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