Psalm 27:7-14

What a great privilege it is to be drawn close to Almighty God, experiencing his love and confident of life with him when this earth experience ends.

             Rising up from deep within me,

            where you placed it, O Lord,

            is a desire to seek you and be close to you.

            Please hear me.

            I cry out in need of your mercy, your closeness.

I know I deserve your anger because of my sinfulness

but I need you to bend down to me in kindness.

I know you will never reject me

or relinquish me to condemnation.

Even if my loved ones were to abandon me,

you will always wrap your love around me.

            O Lord, show me your path of life;

            I need your guidance to live right.

            My enemies always try to pull me away.

            Thank you for the assurance

            you will never let them have me.

My soul remains calm since I absolutely know

I will see God victorious and glorified over all the earth.

Because I am bound to the Lord by his great love

I can be patient and courageous

as he implements his plan according to his timetable.

(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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