Psalm 29

I really do not comprehend how anyone can experience the natural beauty all around us and reject the fact of a Creator, worship him and be blessed with strength and peace.

            All who worship various gods of your own imagination,


            To Jehovah belongs all glory;

            his strength supersedes all others’.

            He alone is to be credited with his amazing acts down through history.

You who have been made beautiful

by the gift of his righteousness, worship only him.

Jehovah declares aloud his sovereign control over the seas,

the rain, the lightning storms, floods, forests, animals

and all the landscape of the whole earth.

He shakes the unshakeable mountains;

he accomplishes his purposes in the wilderness where no one sees.

            Those who have been brought

            to love and worship Jehovah boast of all he has done.

            He gives to his own

            the rich double blessings of strength and peace.

(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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