Psalm 30

Every human being is broken, in need of new life. When we come to grips with that truth God’s hand is ready to make us new. He’s the perfect one to do it, since he made us in the first place.

            You are exalted high above all else in my life, O Jehovah,

            for you reached down to the depths of my sinful state

            and drew me out.

            You delivered me from my gloating enemies.

            To you I cried aloud

            and you have repaired all that was broken in me.

            You keep me alive, preserving me from death.

You who have been brought into covenant with Jehovah,

sing out exultant gratitude for his commitment to you.

He breathed out condemnation against you initially

but now his grace covers you forever.

Sadness may come in at evening to lodge

but glad shouting bursts forth at daybreak!

            When you make me successful I think nothing can shake me  

            because the strength comes from your empowering grace.      

            When you hide your face and I lose touch with you

            I shake with alarm because you are my only help!

            O my sovereign God, please stoop down

            and bestow your grace on me.

            What good would it do for me to die?

            Then I wouldn’t be able to declare your truth before mankind           

            and my worship and praise of you.

            O Jehovah, hear me,

            stoop down to help me; wrap me up in your grace.

Any reason I ever had for deep sadness you have transformed

into a dance of pure joy, taking off my mourning attire

and clothing me with exceeding gladness.

You put songs of joy in my heart

so I can sing aloud my worship of you forever!

(Personalized from the Original Hebrew)


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