Psalm 31:1-8

Don’t we all know, really, that we are not strong or wise enough to handle life without help?

            I flee for protection to you, O Lord;

            I know you won’t disappoint me.

            You will deliver me

            by wrapping your righteousness all around me.

            Stoop down to hear me and deliver me soon.

            You are my solid rock, my stronghold, my fortress of defense.           

            Guide me; conduct me safely

            to a walk in your truth so my life brings glory to you.

            My enemies lay traps for me.

            Pull me out, O Lord, my strength.

            Hide me from anything that would pull me away from you.

            I trust you to take care of my spirit, O faithful God of truth!

Those who worship gods that are no gods

are my enemies as my confidence rests in you, Jehovah.

You saw my misery and the anguish of my condemned soul.

You gave me liberty and wide open spaces.

I will rejoice in your amazing grace and unfailing love.

Personalized from the original Hebrew


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