Psalm 31:9-18

My own self, the world culture around me and Satan himself come against me to pull me down and away from God. I need his strength to resist my enemies, or I will fall.

            I am being scorned and slandered

            by neighbors and enemies alike.

            Even mere acquaintances fear and flee from me.

            No one remembers me; I might as well be dead!

            I am undone by the powerful plotting

            of my enemies against me.

            I have no strength to resist them.

            Stoop down in mercy, Lord. I’m being squeezed.

            My life, my soul, my body waste away

            in grief and anger because of my continued sinfulness.

            I need your empowering grace!

My confidence has been placed in you, Jehovah; you are my Elohim!

Only you can deliver me from the power of my enemies.

The outcome of my battle with sin is in your power.

            Enlighten me with your very presence, O Lord.

            Though I deserve to be confined and condemned

            because of my sinfulness, please be merciful and rescue me

            to enjoy freedom in you.

            I cry out to you,

            “Don’t ever let me bring shame on your name!”

Let the lies of the wicked be silenced.

May they forever be disappointed in their schemes of harm

against those who love you.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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