Psalm 32

            I have been made deeply happy

            because my rebellion has been removed;

            my offences are covered by the payment Jesus made,

            so they no longer count against me!

            I no longer live a deceitful life, lying to myself and others,

            trying to lie to God.

I was totally exhausted

in my attempt to hide my sinfulness and appear righteous.

You didn’t let me get away with that.

You directed me to recognize and admit my sin to you.

When I finally yielded and confessed my sinfulness,

you carried it away

and even bore the punishment for the evil of my offenses!!     

            Everyone can be treated in the same way

            if they cry out to you while they live,

            acknowledge their sin and seek forgiveness.

            When judgment comes

            it will not touch those who belong to you like this.

I will enlighten you and launch you in the way to live righteously;

I will never leave you alone

but will always guide and counsel you, watching over you.

Don’t obey me from compulsion like horses and mules obey a master.

They have no understanding of the master’s heart

but are controlled by bit and bridle.

Those who obey me like that will live in sorrow

but one whose obedience arises from his trust in me

will be wrapped up in my loyal love.       

            Rejoice in Jehovah!

            Oh, rejoice all you who have been enveloped in his righteousness.

            Don’t hide your joy; let it be known

            that God has made you upright through and through.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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