Psalm 34:11-22

“I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine there’s gotta be a little rain sometime,” (song by Joe South). Almighty God does not beg pardon but he wants us to know belonging to him does not include freedom from pain and trial. 

            Walk with me, young ones. Listen!

            It is my joy to teach you God’s hatred for sin

            so you respond appropriately to his authority over you.

            Do you want to live a long life

            filled with all that is beneficial and essential?

            Such a life is God’s gift to those who seek him.

            He wants your language clean, your words true and honest.            

            He wants you pursuing good

            instead of wicked self-absorption.

            He wants you to value peace with him

            pursuing it with all your heart.

God looks with favor on those he has made righteous;

he attends to their cries for help.

God looks with disfavor on those who live in wickedness,

harming others.

He will remove even their memory from the earth.

            The Lord Yahweh stays close

            to those whose hearts are broken.

            Belonging to God does not guarantee escape from trouble.

            We experience difficulties right along with everyone else

            but God attends to our cries for help

            and in his chosen time and his perfect way, he rescues us.     

            Even the perfect Son of God suffered greatly

            and yet his bones were preserved from breaking.

Evil is its own reward, as the wicked will discover

when they are condemned.

Jehovah delivers his own from suffering

and from condemnation.

Safety is found when one takes refuge in the Lord.

– Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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