Psalm 35

Now we are engaged in a great spiritual war testing whether this Christian or any Christian so redeemed and so dedicated can long endure. Spiritual war rages. Our enemies are too strong for us; our only hope is in the power of God and he exercises that power on behalf of those who belong to him!

O Lord, my enemies wage war against me

            and against my desire to obey you.

            Please rise up against them;

            put your defensive protection around me.

            Without your help I will fall.

            Without you I can do nothing.

            Please go on the offensive for me.

            Reassure my soul

            that my deliverance is in you and you alone.

Without cause my enemies dug a pit

and hid a net for my destruction.

Let the destruction come upon them.

Make their path dark and slippery;

confound and confuse them and then blow them away.

            My soul chooses to exult in Jehovah,

            confident that deliverance is mine.

            Deep within I know there is no other god but Jehovah

            who can rescue the poor like me

            whose enemies are too strong for them to conquer.

Unfounded charges have been brought against me

and I am powerless to defend myself.

My vindication will have to come from you if it comes at all.

My accusers are malicious,

returning evil for the good I did for them.

I earnestly prayed for them when they were sick

and mourned when their illness worsened.

When I stumbled and needed support

they attacked and slandered me.

            How long will this go on?

            My life is wasting away

            from the attacks of these ravaging beasts.

Continuing trials will not undermine my determination

to render my praise to you and tell others you are worthy of worship.

            There are those who hate me for no other reason

            than my pursuit of peace.

            They earnestly desire to make me evil,

            and press me into their wicked mold.

            I pursue peace and they come against me for that.

            O Lord, don’t let them win.

            May others who pursue peace be filled with joy and praise

            as they watch you rescue me.

Because I am confident of eventual deliverance

and the peace I pursue,

I choose right now to praise you and focus on your righteousness.

What you do will be right.

 – Personalized from the Original Hebrew


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