Psalm 36

The power of Almighty God is exercised against the forces of darkness!

Rebellion beckons from deep within the heart of the wicked. He ignores the authority of God, having no fear of his hatred of sin. In his arrogance he’s quite sure God will never discover his sin to hate it. He thinks he is accountable to no one. His very words are tricky and wicked; there is nothing wise or good about him. He embraces evil and lies awake at night plotting trouble; he sets himself up against all that is kind and good. 

O Lord, I am so grateful you have redeemed me, bringing me into covenant with you, enabling me to fear your hatred for sin and respond to your authority over me. Your vast covenant loving-kindness extends above the clouds to the very heavens. Your righteousness and your decisions are all-inclusive to the highest heights and lowest depths. You rescue man and beast. 

How costly is your covenant loving-kindness, Elohim! All people high and low can find protection in your arms, feast on the abundance you furnish and drink from the river of pleasures you provide. You are the source and provider of life; all knowledge and insight originate in you! 

Thank you for your steadfast love and justice providing a continuous covering for those to whom you have given your righteousness. Please protect my relationship with you from being damaged by the arrogant wicked. You thrust down those who seek to make me evil; you prevent them from rising again.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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