Psalm 37:20-40

     The wicked will find there is nowhere to flee when God brings judgment upon them. They will be cut off and will vanish like a puff of smoke or flowers in the field.

     The wicked borrows and fails to repay. Conversely, those who have been made righteous are generous without expectation of repayment, knowing that God intends to give them the whole earth eventually.

     The steps of a good man are appointed by Jehovah and he delights to see him walking in that way. Stumbling is a regular occurrence but the Great I AM holds us and prevents us from falling away from him.

     I was young and now have grown old. In all that time I have never seen God abandon those to whom he has given his righteousness. God blesses us and our children abundantly, therefore we can afford to be generous in gifts and loans.

     When you are tempted to evil, stop! Change direction for Jehovah loves to see us do what is right and good. He will never forsake us; he will provide grace to empower our obedience. We are protected forever eventually to inherit the whole earth while the descendants of the wicked inherit only condemnation.

     God gives righteousness to his chosen ones and places his law in our hearts so our speech goes forth with wisdom and justice and our steps are steady.

     The wicked leans forward seeking opportunity to destroy the righteous. The Lord will not leave his own in the power of the wicked nor condemn him if charged with violence in his escape.

     Wait patiently for Jehovah and wisely guard the course of life upon which he has set you. He will raise you up to inherit the earth and see the destruction of the wicked.

     I have see the wicked prosper and boast yet, in the end, he died and was forgotten. The rebellious will be destroyed, their future completely eradicated. The one God has made upright, the one whose blame was borne by Jesus, has been made whole. He will enjoy a future of peace.

     Deliverance is a gift from Jehovah. He himself is our strength, our help in times of trouble, our deliverance when the wicked attack. He saves us because he has given us faith to trust him.

– Personalized from the original Hebrew


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